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Cannavative – Live Clear Cartridge



Live Clear Cartridges from The Cannavative Group are vape cartridges that contain pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract that has been distilled to be as pure as possible. The colour of the oil is very light and clear.

California Orange is one of several Live Clear strains available. This 50/50 hybrid has a tantalising earthy-citrus sweetness flavour and delivers an upbeat, clear-headed high that’s perfect for use in the morning and day. It will also be absorbed by your body and provide significant pain relief. Using this vape can help alleviate stress, depression, pain and exhaustion.

Dominate Terpene: Myrcene
Flavor: Earthy, citrus, sweet
Effects: Relaxation, happiness, euphoria, uplifting, focus, analgesic
Activities: Recreation, socializing, moderate work or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Stress, depression, mood swings, pain, headaches, arthritis, inflammation, fatigue

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