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Just a Tickle Shroom Bars



Just a Tickle Shroom Bars


Tickle Shroom Bars Mystical mushrooms can be addictive. B.C.-made chocolate bars feature only the finest cubensis mushrooms.

Three thousand milligrammes are contained in each bar, which is equivalent to 12 pieces.

*Diabetics may want to steer clear of these treats. Nuts may also be present in these products.

*Please be aware that the effects of edibles are delayed and can last much longer than those of smoking. It can take up to an hour for the full effects of an edible to take effect, so be cautious when ingesting. Please do not operate heavy machinery or drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Buy Just a Tickle Online.

Please be aware that the edibles you ordered may have changed shape by the time they arrive to you due to circumstances beyond our control, such as summer heat and humidity.

It’s not uncommon for edibles to change shape when heated, but this does not make them unsafe in any way. It’s possible to rehydrate them by putting them in the refrigerator. Just a couple of bars.

Edibles that are harmed by these conditions are not eligible for a replacement or a refund from us.



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