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Magic Shrooms




Do you want to grow Magic Shrooms? Also, make it as simple as possible. You need magic mushroom grow kits. And what you’ve always desired. Again, cubenis spores are used in these kits. Also, the mycelium is fully grown. Also prone to wet conditions. Adding water achieves this. Also at the correct temperature. Also, growth and development are aided. After 20 days, the shrooms are ready. Shroom cultivation produces basidiospores.

It’s a fungi. No leaves, roots, or seeds. This fungus is Basidiomycota. The fungi are Basidiomyctes. Matter is also anything weighing. And takes up room.


Reduce the shelf life of magic mushrooms. Remove water to prolong it. So shelf life is storage time. We do our best. We deliver on time and place. Ordered and paid for delivery. Errors are also compensated. Buy shrooms online.

Types of magic mushroom grow kits includes:

  • Mondo Mushrooms Kits: Standard and easy to grow. XXL mushroom grows kits also.
  • Easy to grow fresh mushroom kits: No maintenance required. And potency.
  • No mycelium: Only substrate in this kit. Your own spores

The mycelium boxes are all ready to grow. Also includes everything needed to start:

  • Mushroom Grow box: Together with mycelium fully developed.
  • Grow or filter bag: Used as a micro greenhouse.
  • Paperclips: Used as the mushroom grow bag closure.

We have several psilocybe cubensis mushroom strains. Avail. The list continues to grow. Each year gets better.

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